Courtney Kemp Agboh: Certified Badass

Just read this incredible interview with Courtney Kemp Agboh, the showrunner of Starz’s Power. (Full disclosure: I hadn’t seen Power before reading this interview, but I’m catching up now.)

I love how completely honest and no-bullshit this woman is, even about her vulnerabilities. Proof:

“My job isn’t to make great women; my job is to make a great fucking show so that the next time a woman wants to run her own show, somebody says, ‘Yeah, she can probably do it because that other bitch did it.'”

“There’s no leap [to showrunner]. There’s staff writer, and I worked my way up. The shows I worked on got canceled every year, and then I was on The Good Wife for three years, and the idea [for Power] started to come together and I pitched it. I had a couple more years in the wilderness and then they finally said yes. Slow and steady work. […] If you want to be a showrunner, you have to work your way all the way up.”

What did you learn from making season one of Power?
“I kind of know a little bit what I’m doing. That was a big revelation, because I had never done this before, and I learned that I could trust my own taste. I could trust my instincts. It didn’t mean I had all the experience or I knew everything, but I could trust myself some.”

Read more at Vulture, and watch Power on Starz (season 2 premiered on June 6 to record-setting ratings for Starz). The first episode is available for free online.

Image courtesy of Kurt Iswarienko / AP.


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