Kellogg Graduation (Not Mine, Obvs)

Today is Kellogg graduation day! To commemorate, Kellogg Dean Betsy Ziegler wrote this awesome post with advice for the Class of 2015. A few highlights:

“You will have moments of sheer panic – that you were a hiring mistake; that you made an unforgivable error on an analysis; that you are overwhelmed by the workload/responsibility. […] Resist the urge to go underground and hide. Instead, ask for help. […] It is a sign of strength to say you don’t know but are willing to do everything you can to figure it out. […] You will be great, but you can’t be great totally on your own”

“Every six months I was at McKinsey, I asked myself – Am I still learning? Am I still making an impact? Am I still having fun? […] At year 11, I started to feel differently, so wrote out a 40×40 list (things I wanted to do by the time I was 40) and started executing. My world totally opened up. I was a seat filler at the Primetime Emmys, travelled around the globe, attended the Aspen Ideas Festival…and I made choices that got me to Kellogg. 

I firmly believe that you have to plan to live a full and happy life. […] Figure out what is important to you over time (not necessarily what others think is important), and make intentional choices that bring you the greatest personal happiness. […] Make the brave choice and take it.”

Everything about that post makes me so fired up to be going to Kellogg this fall. I hope it gets you equally excited about applying to b school!!


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