First Time?

Welcome, new friend! I was thinking the other day that it’d be nice to have a post to orient new folks to the blog, so…here it is!

I just moved from LA to start at Kellogg, so I’ll probably be posting less frequently in coming weeks, but here are some existing posts to get you started:

  • MBA Prep Programs: Info about MBA prep programs, which give you a structured approach to your application, fantastic resources, and a community of other applicants to keep you motivated.
  • Admish 101: Covers everything admissions-related on this blog.
  • My Application Journey: Posts about my specific experiences and insights I received while applying. These’ll work for you if you want specific examples, not general advice.
  • MBA Life: About life at b school, especially as someone with a non-traditional background. (And also as an excitable introvert.) This category will be growing in the coming months!

I also have a handful of 15-minute admish tips (and working on more!). Two of the more popular quick tips, which are great for people who are in the beginning stages of applying, are Join All the Lists and Schedule Free Conference Calls (although the calls could be useful even if you’ve been working on your application for a little while).

As I transition into starting b school, I’m going to start posting more about what it’s like to actually be at business school as a non-traditional applicant. I’ll still also post admissions advice, and if there’s a specific thing you totally want to see a blog post about, drop me a line!

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