Stop. Forté Time.

It’s Forté time! Any ladies out there planning to apply to start their MBA in 2017 should look into this program — I’m a past participant and huge fan and can’t recommend it highly enough. Applications are open until November 15th!

The MBALaunch locations for this upcoming year are Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Houston, London, and Toronto. If you live near but not in one of those cities, you can travel to the city for the initial launch event then join Forté’s virtual program for the rest of the year.


Have you decided to get an MBA but don’t have the network to stay focused or don’t feel prepared enough to make grad school a reality? Get focused with Forté MBALaunch, a 10-month program that pairs women seeking an MBA with a support network and provides a structured roadmap for applying to business schools.

What You’ll Get

  • 10 months of peer group meetings
  • 8 meetings with admissions experts
  • 3 months of GMAT test prep
  • 25+ webinars
  • 7 study sessions (and assigned homework)
  • 8 months of application prep
  • 2 in-person events to connect with women that have the same goal as you

Cost to Participate

$25 application fee + $500 program fee. Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive application fee waivers from more than 20 Forté schools and discounts from leading GMAT test prep providers and admissions consultants that can recoup the total cost of MBALaunch.


5 thoughts on “Stop. Forté Time.

  1. agirlsmba says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading a lot about this. I really want to join the program. But it seems like it is mandatory to attend the launch event at one of these cities? I don’ live in or anywhere close to any of the locations. And it seems highly unlikely that I’d get to visit any of this place. Is there any way I could still be a part of it?

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    • Jackie says:

      Hello hello! So one awesome thing Forté has done in the past couple of years is start up their flex / on demand MBALaunch program. You can find info here:

      The content should be really similar to the in-person MBALaunch program, although I’m not sure what the specifics are of that program. I would send an e-mail to mbalaunchapply(at) and ask them what the differences are between the flex program and the in-person program. Either one is a great way to engage with Forté and benefit from their resources and partnerships.

      Hope that helps — let me know if you have any other questions!

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  2. Keisha says:


    I too am interested in applying, (by tomorrow!!!), Question, I understand that the program offers fee waivers on over 20 college applications, but is there anywhere online to see a list of participating schools? And secondly, the 3 months of GMAT prep offered, is that an in-person/live course, or is it like 3 months worth of reading materials/study guides to be done on your own? How is that set up? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    • Jackie says:

      Hey Keisha!

      I believe the list of schools that do fee waivers changes every year, which is why they aren’t advertising it yet. I used the fee waiver for UT McCombs last year; there weren’t waivers for the other schools I applied to (Stanford GSB, Kellogg, Anderson, Stern). Some other schools that did waivers my year were Tepper, Fuqua, Cornell Johnson, Georgetown, Emory, INSEAD, and Kenan-Flagler, to give you a sense of some of the schools that do it. You’ll get a list at some point during the program!

      Then for the GMAT prep, you can check out the 2015 GMAT Prep information for reference. It’s a series of biweekly webinars, with some optional online study groups with test prep companies. It’s all that some people need, but other people might also want to take another course or do some tutoring, depending on how they learn and how they feel about the GMAT. You should still be setting up a study plan and studying on your own outside of the modules.

      I want to point out that I thought the most valuable part of the MBALaunch program was becoming part of a peer group of women who were applying at the same time — we helped each other with resumes, our story, essays, and general emotional support. The women in my cohort are now at Columbia, Booth, Fuqua, and Kellogg (of course). One of us decided to apply a year late, and she just sent out her application to us to look over and has been getting feedback leading up to her interviews. The community / network is a huge asset, along with access to admissions consultants and admissions officers through the program.

      Best of luck with your application!! Fingers crossed! (And let me know if you have any other questions! You can e-mail me at for a quicker reply.)


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