10372354_10100929484277875_8016936076769649305_nHi there! I’m Jackie, a reality-TV-producer-turned-MBA-student. Originally from the Bay Area, I majored in Radio / TV / Film at Northwestern University and moved to LA two weeks after graduation to start my producing career. For the past several years, I’ve worked as a freelance producer in reality TV, on shows like The Biggest Loser (NBC) and Whodunnit (ABC).

I applied to business school to make a career shift into entertainment marketing, specifically the intersection of big data and entertainment marketing. [EDIT: Those plans changed, and I pivoted into management consulting.]

Coming from a creative profession in a creative industry, applying to business school felt like crash-landing onto another planet and trying desperately to blend in with the locals. I didn’t know how to explain my job in MBA speak, I didn’t own a suit, and I wasn’t surrounded by colleagues who had been to business school and could teach me about the admissions process. But I dove in head-first, participating in the Forte Foundation’s MBALaunch program and grasping for any other resources I could find.

After over a year of preparation, introspection, and the emotional roller coaster of MBA applications, I applied to five schools, was dinged by one, withdrew an application to another, and was accepted into three great programs with some scholarship money to boot. I ultimately decided to head back to Northwestern as part of Kellogg’s class of 2017.

Now that I’m on the other side of the MBA application process, I want to create a resource for non-traditional applicants, especially creatives and folks from creative industries, to tap into as they explore the idea of getting an MBA. Through this blog, I will share my thoughts about the application / admissions process and my experience as a producer in an MBA program!

Disclaimer: I am not an admissions or application expert; the tips and opinions I share are what helped me through the process. Take what feels right to you and leave whatever doesn’t. Wishing you the absolutely most amazing best of all possible luck with your MBA journey!


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