15-Minute Admish Tip: Set Up Intel Sessions

At last year’s Forté conference, I was waiting for lunch next to an Anderson student who couldn’t decide what sandwich she wanted. I offered to get a second kind and share with her, so we ate lunch together. After the event, she connected me with another Anderson student, who then introduced me to another, and another…you get the idea.

When I was standing in that line, I didn’t see the sandwich swap as my way into a series of awesome informational interviews with MBA students — it was my way, as a semi-shy person, to connect with one student at one of my target schools. But I got lucky; the informational interviews I got from this chain of referrals were invaluable, and I think you should do the same!

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15-Minute Admish Tip: Build Your Trapper Keeper

When I started applying to school, I was a bit overwhelmed by how much information there was to keep track of. I’d poke around different schools’ application requirements, read their blogs, and didn’t have a great system to keep track of everything I was looking at.

So I built my tracking docs (or Trapper Keepers, for any other 90s kids out there who loved Lisa Frank) not just to trap information, but also to help guide me through building my application story.

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15-Minute Admish Tip: Schedule Free Consult Calls

You guys, there’s a whole wide world of free MBA application resources that I want to introduce you to! Today’s post is about free half-hour profile evaluation calls with admissions consultants. I did four of these calls before I applied to school, and each one gave me valuable insight into what standards I would need to meet for my candidacy to be compelling to b schools, since they would be taking a risk on me and my unorthodox TV production background.

My fifteen-minute tip for today is to sign up for one (or more) of these calls ASAP to get a sense of what an MBA application specialist thinks of your candidacy. And of course, it helps to have a game plan going in to get the most of your time with them!

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15-Minute Admish Tip: Join All the Lists

This time last year, I was working eighty-hour weeks on a particularly challenging reality show, and March through August were basically an MBA application black hole. Other applicants were using this precious time to polish their resumes, draft essays, and do informational interviews about schools they were interested in…and I was trying really hard to get a full night’s sleep once or twice a week.

I didn’t want to lose too much momentum with my applications, so I tried to find easy, quick, convenient ways to keep my head in the game. And I’m now working on a series of quick, fifteen-minute application tasks to help you do the same!

This first tip is about signing up for newsletters from MBA-centric websites, admissions consultants, and GMAT prep companies. I loved passively getting great MBA content in my inbox every day when I was deep in production — it kept my MBA aspirations front-of-mind and provided me with valuable insights, news, and educational opportunities.

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