Admish Consultants: Worth It?

A friend e-mailed me recently asking me what resources I used to apply to business school. Did I hire a consultant? Was it worth it? Where do I feel like I could have used extra help?

The three main resources I used to apply were the Forté Foundation MBALaunch program, the mbaMission Boot Camp, and an admissions consultant. I didn’t plan on using all three from the jump, but I found each one incredibly valuable.

But let’s focus on the most expensive of the three — admissions consulting.

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Where Oh Where to Apply?

A really great Stacy Blackman e-mail popped into my inbox earlier this week. (Maybe it popped into yours too?) It was about figuring out where to apply — is it more important for you want an MBA from one particular school (Stanford or bust!), or just to get the MBA?

I decided to post highlights from that e-mail then figured, why not also share how I picked schools? That’s what MBA blogs are all about, right?

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MBA Consult Calls: What I Learned

My last post was about scheduling free evaluation calls with admissions consultants to get advice about your candidacy and let you know what parameters you should meet to be a competitive applicant.

Now I want to share the specific feedback from the calls that I made. A lot of this advice applies broadly to non-traditional applicants or folks without a strong quantitative background. I hope this gives you a good foundation going into these calls so you can ask more specific, detailed questions during these calls than I did. (NOTE: Look at my application stats if you want context.)

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15-Minute Admish Tip: Schedule Free Consult Calls

You guys, there’s a whole wide world of free MBA application resources that I want to introduce you to! Today’s post is about free half-hour profile evaluation calls with admissions consultants. I did four of these calls before I applied to school, and each one gave me valuable insight into what standards I would need to meet for my candidacy to be compelling to b schools, since they would be taking a risk on me and my unorthodox TV production background.

My fifteen-minute tip for today is to sign up for one (or more) of these calls ASAP to get a sense of what an MBA application specialist thinks of your candidacy. And of course, it helps to have a game plan going in to get the most of your time with them!

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